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Driving along in the car, Soli was encouraged by her friend to enter Discover Series having no idea that just four weeks later she would get the message that she had won! Working in her nine to five job, she had to keep her composure and ran into the bathroom and rang her friend to share the incredible news! Soli’s voice caught the attention of Broods, the music Ambassadors for this years Discover Series, and she was soon off to the city of angels to sing and meet Broods themselves.

Soli learnt from Broods that they were also challenged along the way in their career with a lot of the same things she is facing. Going over to LA she wanted to find out when is the right time to put 100% of your energy into your music career, and how to jump the hurdle of performing your own songs in front of an audience.

To get the low down on everything that Soli learnt from her experience in Los Angeles watch the video below.