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Starting dancing from the early age of 9, Sophia has always had the groove in her. It was clear from Sophia’s silhouetted dancing entry video that she held the heart and soul Vanessa from Groove Therapy was looking for.
Throughout her career so far, Sophia has had touchpoints back to her African heritage. Being professionally trained in Jazz and Ballet and performing in shows, she has been on a journey to find her feet and identity.

Travelling to New York City to meet Vanessa was an opportunity for Sophia to learn from someone in the industry who has carved their own path and discovered themselves along the way.
Vanessa and Sophia got to groove amongst the city that never sleeps and chat about what’s next for Sophia in her career - How she can forge her own path and not loose sight of who she is.

Watch Sophia’s adventures in New York City with Vanessa in the video below.